A new science block from JV Architects

Project: A Ten Classroom Science Block

Location: Towers School and Sixth Form Centre, Ashford, Kent

Budget: £2.3 Million

Status: Granted Planning Permission

Natural light and ventilation are one of the key design criteria

Our goal was to create a building that reflects the School’s commitment to making education exciting, inspiring and rewarding. We aimed to make this building innovative and engaging by incorporating a fresh robust palette of materials with smart thought provoking technological design and features; intelligently monitored, using clear visual displays to assist awareness of architecture, science and environmental issues.

The Brief consisted of the following statement: ‘to provide a suitable building, along with facilities, for five new science teaching classrooms and five general use classrooms; over two storeys and located in the northern corner of the school site’.

Concept Development
The following ecological credentials have been applied to the concept development:

• Natural Light and Ventilation.
The underlying design drivers of this building design will be natural light and natural ventilation which will greatly save on energy use.

• Heating
It will be heated with the most up to date ecological methods using ground source heat pumps and underfloor heating.

• Lighting
The most advanced up to date energy efficient lighting systems will be incorporated using LED systems with motion sensors in each room. Lights will automatically switch off if no-one is present.

• Insulation
By insulating the external of the building the internal thermal mass will moderate the internal temperature. In winter it will retain heat and in summer it will dissipate heat.

• Solar Panels
The roof design allows for photo voltaic panels to be at the most effective orientation and angle for the site. It is hoped that for the size of installation possible the building could generate a surplus of electricity.

• Rainwater Harvesting
The design will aim to incorporate such a system which will greatly reduce the school’s water use and overall running costs.

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