See a nursery project from JV Architects, Folkestone

Project: A brand new nursery

Location: Hamstreet, Kent

Budget: £298K

Status: Constructed

A blend of aesthetics and practicality

The new Hamstreet Nursery was constructed next to the old dilapidated nursery building within the school grounds. Once the new building was finished, the old building was carefully demolished.
The building is simple, subtle, and in tune with its context. Generous space, natural light and ventilation were key to the design as well as a fresh, welcoming palette of colours and materials. The outside play space was extremely important to the overall design which can be monitored from inside the building.

The finished building was very well received by the client who felt that it satisfied the Nursery and Schools’ requirements perfectly.

The project was designed and procured by John Verkaik whilst working as an employed architect for DASL.

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