An example of modern school design by JV Architects in Folkestone

Project: Archbishop Courtenay C of E Primary School

Location: Maidstone, Kent

Budget: £6.3 million

Status: Constructed

A challenging project with multiple elements

This was an exciting education project which involved the demolition and site clearance of an existing vehicle servicing depot, the master planning of the entire site and the design of a new primary and nursery school. The principals of natural light and ventilation were key to the design as was a strong Church of England association. The sloping site, archaeology, TPOs, contamination, highway restrictions and ecology presented many challenges, but the result was a school that fitted in well with its surroundings and was very well received by it users.

The design and master planning was undertaken by John Verkaik whilst working as an employed architect for DASL. It was later beautifully detailed and procured on site by DASL.

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